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Child Support Enforcement

Q: How do I enforce a Court Order requiring the other parent to pay child support when the other parent refuses to do so?
A: 1. To obtain child support you must have a valid order awarding child support to you.
2. The other parent must have known of the child support order.
3. The other parent had the ability to pay.
4. The other parent failed to pay.
5. If you demonstrate these things, the other parent may be found in contempt of court and be ordered to pay. If the other parent still refuses to pay, the Court can jail the other parent to coerce payment.

Note: Child support may be withheld from one parent’s paycheck and sent directly to the other parent.

Note: Even if a parent is behind on paying child support, he or she may still see or reside with the child as set forth in the parenting plan.


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