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Here are some answers to questions regarding divorce.

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Q: What can I expect to happen in my divorce?

A: 1. Your marriage contract is legally broken.
2. Custody, child support, and visitation with respect to any children you may have is determined.
3. Your property and debts are divided.
4. The court decides if you should receive or pay alimony.

Q: Do I need my spouses consent to obtain a divorce?

A: 1: No. Washington is a “no fault” divorce State. You need only believe that your marriage is “irretrievably broken”.

Q: How long will it take me to be officially divorced?

A: 1. If you and your spouse can agree on how your property and debts are to be divided, whether alimony is to be paid, and on custody, support, and visitation regarding your children the earliest you can be officially divorced is 91 days after you file for divorce and serve your spouse with the papers.

2. If you and your spouse do not agree on any of these issues it can take anywhere from eight months to a year or more to be officially divorced because a judge will have to decide any disputed issue(s) in a trial.

Q: Is it better for me to try and reach a reasonable settlement with my spouse?

A: 1: Yes. If you and your spouse are able to agree on the issues involved, your divorce will be less expensive, quick (as early as 91 days after you file and serve your spouse with papers), and you will avoid leaving decisions concerning your property and children to a stranger, i.e., the judge.

Q: How much will it cost me to obtain a divorce?

A: 1: The cost varies, depending upon whether you and your spouse can agree on a reasonable settlement or whether the issues need to be determined by a judge because you are unable to agree. Naturally, if you are able to agree on a reasonable settlement, the cost will be substantially less. Other factors that affect the cost include whether there are children, substantial property or debt, and whether other contested issues, such as alimony, need to be addressed. Certain fees are set by the court. It currently costs $120 to file for divorce. There is also a cost to have your spouse served with the initial papers, typically $30 to $50.


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